Plane blasted by Windmageddon just another HAARP test on American Citizens

On Friday morning United Express Flight 3833 was departing Charlottesville, Virginia at 6:30 AM. The 50 passenger plane was en route to Dulles International Airport, and was expected to arrive an hour later. As the plane was descending into Dulles, the plane was suddenly struck by strong enough winds to move it laterally, rather than vertically. Nearly every one of the souls on board vomited as a result of the massive turbulence caused by “Windmageddon”.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries, however united declined to say just how many people became sick.

Express flight 3833 was not the only plane to be struck by strong winds today. More than a dozen flights out of Dulles were canceled Friday as nor’easter slammed the East Coast. More than a thousand flights have been canceled as a result of the storm.

While the rest of the mainstream media has been covering this story from more of a lighthearted perspective, those of us here at the Axiom Dispatch have been reaching out to our contacts in the deep state in order to determine if this is in fact the nor’easter storm, or something more sinister.

For years truth seekers on the Internet have believed that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, has been used as a test to manipulate, and modify weather for the United States Government. Essentially the HAARP facility is just a larger radio transmitter and antenna located in Alaska that is designed to operate in the shortwave band. It began in 1993 and ran through May 2013 when it was then handed over to the United States Air Force. They assumed full control of the facility in August 2015.

Now there been many conspiracy theories surrounding this for quite some time, and most have turned up nothing concrete. However my sources are telling me that the Air Force is currently testing harp as a way to take down any ballistic missile that might come from North Korea, or even Russia.

The Windmageddon test used nor’easter as the perfect cover to try and disrupt planes that are descending towards the ground. The hope of the Air Force is that if they are able to successfully knock down a ballistic missile before it hits its target, then they will save millions of lives.

More on the story as it develops.