12-year-old pens will in case of school shooting, gives it all to Nigerian Prince

With the ever growing fear of school shootings entering the minds of kids all around the United States, many are feeling helpless because there is not much they will be able to do to prevent a madman from storming their school and opening fire.

The impromptu walkout commemorating one month since the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, brought a lot of attention to the gun control debate. However, it has not done enough in the eyes of some to quell their fears over a potential gunman on campus.

However, in Birmingham, Alabama, a sixth-grader has decided to take things into his own hands. 12-year-old Jason Davis pulled out a piece of paper, and a pen, and wrote down a list of his belongings: He wrote down his PlayStation for, his Xbox One, all of the games, his cat, and combined them all to write a last will and testament. Jason is afraid for his life, and if a shooter enters his school, and tragedy strikes, his worldly possessions will be taken care of.

But the question remains, who will Jason will his items to? His mother was surprised that it wasn’t his best friend Cameron. But instead Jason decided that he would give his games, and his cat, to Ago Ademola, a Nigerian Prince Jason met online.

Being an avid gamer, Jason has talked with many people the world over. But none struck his fancy more than Ago Ademola. The two met while playing Call of Duty, and Jason describes him as a very kind Nigerian Prince. Mr. Ademola told Jason that he is currently living in exile from his family because they want to kill him, and he is in hiding outside of Detroit, Michigan. The Prince doesn’t have any money, or any resources, and he has been asking Jason for help for the past few weeks. While Jason doesn’t have any savings of his own to give his Nigerian Prince friend, he wanted to make sure that his items would go a person in need.

Jason’s mother, Mariana Davis, Was surprised to hear this information, but has not dissuaded her son against his wishes. However, she is a bit apprehensive because she believes she has met Prince Ago Ademola before. Miss Davies told the Axiom Dispatch that she received an email from the Prince several years ago wanting to transfer millions of dollars to her account so he could flee his family and start a new life in America.

We reached out to the Prince in hopes of getting a comment, but the email was returned as “undeliverable”.



Author: The Axiom Dispatch

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